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‘Wally’ Mitchell In The Most Toe Curling Pic Of 2012

He swore at the police and Cameron knew he did. Off-Shore viewed the CCTV and it’s all a lot of toss. The ‘PLEB‘ is a red-herring – you have been led by the nose to believe that IS the most … Continue reading

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Coming Home To Roost!

Well she pissed on all of us for long enough. What was that old rugby song? “And When I PISS It Stings, These Foolish Things, Remind Me Of You.” ….And we just don’t care what you think about us!

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The NRA: “An Armed Guard In Every School.”

Good grief! Only a half-wit, who has never worked in a school, would come up with such a ridiculous idea. The very thought that a man or woman stood on the premises with a gun at the ready would make … Continue reading

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Reforming The Banks

The usual total fudge from our politicians. The Banking Standards Commission try to make everything sound so involved with their talk of ring-fencing and breaking-up the connection between high street and investment banks. Doesn’t it all sound wonderful? No, it’s … Continue reading

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