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Utter Bloody Chaos In The South West

Any sign of Off-Shore Cameron? Too interested in his Rugby School mate to show any concern for any of us down here. No need to single him out – none of them look like they are going to upset THEIR … Continue reading

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Football: Health And Safety

In a bid to protect the lives of the Premiership Goalkeepers Wayne Rooney has signed up to be the first forward to adopt the ‘Fergie Safety Code’. He has agreed not to aim at the goalmouth at any time during … Continue reading

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“Excuse Me Sir – Do You Have Any Lights For That Bicycle?”

“If you have Sir, would you be kind enough to put them on in accordance with the Law.” Well we’ve had a good look and we darned if we can see any lights on his bike even though it is … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Wanted

Anybody got a Christmas Tree that needs a fairy going on the top? We understand he is wearing the new boots, sponsored by Nike, in 2013 . The new boots.

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Mitchell: A Personal Editorial

Bet ’Wally’ Mitchell  wishes he could go back to happier days when the Tories and the Police were in each others pockets. Back to the Halcyon days when the police could do just about what they wanted to. The difference … Continue reading

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Mitchell Is Still Trying To Re-Write History!

Notice how the story we are being fed now is along the lines of, ‘They are all ganging up on me from all sides when I didn’t really do anything wrong.’ “It’s Cameron, it’s the press, it’s the bloggers and it’s … Continue reading

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