Mitchell: A Personal Editorial

Bet ’Wally’ Mitchell  wishes he could go back to happier days when the Tories and the Police were in each others pockets. Back to the Halcyon days when the police could do just about what they wanted to. The difference then was that they had a Prime Minister who would go out of her way to support them – no matter what they had done.

Our minds are old enough to remember as far back as 1984 and 1989. Back in 1984 there was a miners strike going on and there were appalling scenes at Orgreave where UK citizens were subjected to a charge by officers on horseback carrying batons. Thatcher didn’t feel the need to condemn this and found funds to cover just about as much overtime as they wanted.

What happened in 1989 shouldn’t need anything added to it except to say The Hillsborough Tragedy where 96 fans lost their lives. Thatcher was there at the time giving the police her full support. Now, at the end of 2012, the families may be getting some justice.

Poor old Wally must have thought that he was still dealing with ‘Thatcher’s New Model Army’ and had not realized that May has been gradually dismantling the police force to a point where we will all suffer from greater and greater crime.

Those chickens always come home to roost but the trouble for Mitchell is he’s looking like a turkey. Before you start feeling too sorry for him do remember there is a good chance he’ll spend his Christmas in his chalet in the French ski resort of Val d’Isere. Tough life.

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