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New Years Resolution No. 1

If you appear on any form of media you MUST be able to pronounce the letters: H and T. I fink we fought vat would be ve fing vat would make ve country feel better in 2013. (Yes, harsh but we … Continue reading

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Funny The Friends That Some People Have

Well they can redact parts of the letters but we still have the photos – nice.

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The Falklands: Do We Have The Whole Truth?

Papers released today concerning the invasion of the Falkland Islands need some careful reading and a look at the time line. The story we are being fed is that the then-prime minister, Thatcher, only saw it was likely after getting … Continue reading

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Well We Knew All Along How Vile She Was

If you hadn’t realised before then you might like to read this.

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How Many Camerons Does It Take To Do A Fun Run?

More than one by the look of these photos. “Offshore, enough is enough, that’s ten times you’ve tried it now and it’s obvious you cannot walk on water.”

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