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Wouldn’t It Have Been Nice If ALL Of Them…..

…had said, “Do you know what? You can stuff your honour right up your arse.” Never happen but we can dream………………………………………………………………… Advertisements

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Premiership Footballers

Nobby ‘Hanging Out’ tells us, “They are all a bunch of tarts Sner. Put any of them Shag, onto a rugby pitch and they would run off Sner, crying, within 10 minutes.” “Oh no Shag, he kicked the ball right at … Continue reading

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Olympic Legacy – A Final Thought (Maybe)

We thought we’d take a look at the team members who make up the Big Three winners and losers of the next funding to prepare for Rio. Here it is in black and white. The Funding Winners The Funding Losers

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New Years Resolution No. 2

If you appear on TV or radio you must understand the difference between singular and plural. One mouse – Two mice Not difficult is it?

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Olympic Legacy 2012 – The Funding Winners and Losers

Like our education system those that have already get even more. Let’s continue with this theme of injustice and take a look at some specific sports who have won and lost with regard to the next round of Olympic handouts. Isn’t it strange … Continue reading

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Greatest Female Athlete On The Planet: Jessica Ennis

So how come she only gets the CBE? It’s such a lot of cobblers. Mo Farah dips out as well. No chance of a theme developing here is there? Sort of curious though.

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