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It’s The ‘Cheating Bastard Of The Week’ Award

Only one contender this week – Luis Suarez!!! When you think about the effort that Mansfield Town made to recognise the horror that was Hillsborough and this is the way the current Liverpool FC treat them. Does make you wonder?

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Really Has Some Neck On Him

“Just as a manager wouldn’t expect to keep their job if they lost control of their finances nor should they expect to keep it if they lose control of the care in their organisation.” This bloke just lives in a … Continue reading

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Clegg And Cameron To Re-New Their Marriage Vows

We can’t wait!!!!!

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Brendan Rodgers – “Mansfield Town Deserve A Replay”

“I‘ve seen the video of the goal and, although I can’t be 100% sure, there is enough doubt in my mind that it may have been handball.” “We always aim to do the right thing so have agreed with the … Continue reading

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Luis Suárez The CHEAT

To make it worse, not one of the other Liverpool players had the balls to say anything. Liverpool are 8th in the Premier League while Mansfield Town are 9th in the Blue Square League. Separated by 93 places and yet they still felt the need … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne On ‘Desert Island Discs’

We get a sneak peek at the list he has chosen. We will supply the full list at a later date but to start with here is his No. 1 choice. Sixteen Tons You load sixteen tons, what do you get … Continue reading

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Andy Murray Reveals His New Hair Style For 2013

This style could really catch on with his younger fans. He looks happy anyway.  Oh yes, nearly forgot, he won some cup, or some such thing, somewhere in the world. “Weeeee! Go Andy!”

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