The Liverpool Cheat Problem – On Reflection

When it was just Suarez we were happy to be reminded that he is a nasty little man, he has form and will cheat at the drop of a hat. He even handled the ball in the World Cup so what would you expect from the little shite. No, he isn’t the real problem.

Rodgers turns out to be the real shit. Trying to make out Suarez is a nice bloke in a post-match interview and that it wasn’t a real handball. It just, sort of, seemed to jump up and hit him on the hand. Bollox.

Check the video and, anyone who knows anything about football, will recognise the actions of a player who knows he has handballed it and just thrashed it into the net knowing it should be a free-kick.

Nobody from the current Liverpool FC had the balls to say, “Know what, we are 93 places above them in the league and we don’t need to cheat.”

Rodgers should have had the balls to do that.

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