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Wilko Johnson Diagnosed With Cancer

The Dr Feelgood guitar legend has recently been diagnosed but has still embarked on a trip to Japan. Good on him.  We send him all the very best wishes as he starts on this latest journey in his life and we … Continue reading

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The Nasty Party Failures

The document Off-Shore Cameron didn’t want you to see. The one he made sure didn’t appear until AFTER PMQs’ today. He now has a full week in which to rehearse his lines as well as  to hope that people will … Continue reading

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Just How Dumb Is Britain?

We gave Private Eye first dibs on this but they turned it down so we’ll use it ourselves. Don’t you just love the answers you get from some contestants on TV quizzes? We spotted this one over Christmas. All Star … Continue reading

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IDS: Nastiest Of The Nasty Party? – Unbelievable!

The Link tells you everything you need to know. We highlighted what a rather untrustworthy, hypocritical, little git he is back here. We hope Steve Bell is ok with us re-printing this brilliant piece of work – just say if not.

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Cameron Holds An “After Voting” Party

The Nasty Party had a party around at Off-Shore’s place to reflect on how the vote went on Tuesday. We estimate the wine bill alone was in excess of £120K. (Maybe. ff)

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