MPs call for ‘32% salary increase’

A survey, conducted by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), found that 69% of MPs’ thought they were underpaid on their current salary of £65,738. The average level suggested for the appropriate level of pay was £86,250.

On average, Tories said their salary should be £96,740, while Lib Dems thought the right amount was £78,361 and Labour £77,322. Other parties put the figure at £75,091.

A fifth of those questioned said they should be paid £95,000 or more.

Now, please, please, please, if you should see your MP out and about today (fat chance {ours is Letwin}. ff) you must promise not to:

  1. Spit on them
  2. Throw rotting fruit and veg at them
  3. Pour the contents of your chamber pot over their head

Now come on, be fair, they do work very, very hard.


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