Splish-Splash-Splosh- Top Bombing! A Right Belly-Flop

We are all getting very excited as it is less than 24 hours before another exciting episode of “Who has EVER bothered to go to a diving competition in their life?” hosted by Olympic Bronze Medalist Tom someone or other. What a load of old shite.

We don’t mind if they want to take the piss but, really, Jo Brand as a diving judge? In the office we like Jo Brand but as diving judge? Leave it out! We saw her in the BBC 4 series she had and she can only just about swim! Any sort of current against her and she’d end up further away than she started.

They ‘claim’ millions watched it – bollox. Have YOU ever met anyone who has EVER been involved in this data collection? All cobblers as far as we are concerned until WE are involved in it. What’s the sample size? How do you get on the panel? Who are these people they ‘claim’ are watching? All seems very, very self-serving.

On a serious note – diving is bloody dangerous. People imagine that because they are going into water there are no problems. If you hit it wrong then it gives you every impression that you just hit a very hard wooden floor. What we have seen on the review programmes suggests there is a lot of what is best called – ‘egging on’. One can only imagine this will intensify if the series continues. When this is applied to the High Board then things get very dangerous.

When one of their D-List Divers ends up paralysed lets hope they have insurance to look after them for the rest of their life. Messing about with height and water is never a good thing – we just can’t wait for the summer to come and all those kids, encouraged by this crap, start doing some Tomstoning into the Sea. The pictures from Lulworth Cove are already starting to form in our minds. We have highlighted the dangers here in January.


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