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Cameron Always Seems To Get It ‘Arse About Face’

Off-Shore was caught singing this as he wandered around Downing Street late one night. Hobin Rood, Hobin Rood, riding with The Hunt Hobin Rood, Hobin Rood, such a Tory Runt Cuts from the Poor, Hands back to the Rich Hobin … Continue reading

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Now Cameron Sticks His Nose In Mali

Never forget that key military phrase: “Mission Creep”

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Gideon Osborne Has A Bit Of Trouble With The HS2 Out-Laws

Gideon married into the Howell family and David Howell is his father-in-law. You may have heard of him as he is a Tory who works for William Vague. More than just that he is a personal adviser to William Vague … Continue reading

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