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Burgers – All Part Of A STABLE Diet

Mmmm, yum, yum! Time to gallop down to the shops as they trot out their burger bargains! The mane issue seems to be that the supermarkets are jockeying for position in the market place. Just one more hurdle for the Food … Continue reading

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Comet, Jessops, JJB Sports, Clinton Cards And Now HMV – Who’s Next?

Didn’t Mary Portas do a splendid job! Was all that cobblers ever a waste a time or what? We never thought for one moment the silly cow would make any difference and, very sadly, we were right. Link

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John Smith’s Extra Smooth To Become Weaker!!!

John Smith’s Extra Smooth is to be lowered in strength from 3.8% to a mere 3.6%! We have to ask, “Can this still be called a Beer for heaven’s sake??” To further take the piss the price is to rise by 2.5p … Continue reading

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A Case Of PCC’s Fiddling While Rome Is Left To Burn?

So while some PCC’s have been sorting out jobs for the boys the case for the Police Force is totally different.  May, Nasty Party, has decided that new recruits don’t really need to be paid so has slashed their starting pay … Continue reading

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Mali – What Are We Being Fed?

Remember: “Mission Creep” Read what Simmonds MP was serving up for us yesterday. Link

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A Lesson For Cameron And The Rest Of His Nasty Party

Off-Shore Cameron could do with watching this video a few times as there is a great deal in it that he still needs to learn. Strange how the monkeys have grasped it already. So Off-Shore, answer us this one: Why should we … Continue reading

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“Yes Prime Minister” Starts A New Series – WHY?

We’ve said it before, “It’s really important to know when it’s over.” ‘Yes, Prime Minister,’ in its day was brilliant. It caught the mood of the politics of the time and exposed the hypocrisy and the pointlessness of a lot of … Continue reading

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