A Case Of PCC’s Fiddling While Rome Is Left To Burn?

So while some PCC’s have been sorting out jobs for the boys the case for the Police Force is totally different.  May, Nasty Party, has decided that new recruits don’t really need to be paid so has slashed their starting pay by £4,000.

It seems that this is to reflect that at the start they don’t really know what they are doing………hang – on, a first-time MP starts out on 3 and a half times as much and will still know bugger all after 4 years!

What is always amazing with this bunch of low-life politicians is how they can find reform after reform for everyone else but can’t do a thing to sort out their ‘jobs’. Do they really wonder why we hate them? Or even care?

  1. Cut MPs’ numbers to 200
  2. Pay those 200 £150,000
  3. Remove all pension arrangements
  4. Remove all expenses
  5. Payment by results
  6. Regional max pay calculator
  7. Turn-out percentage calculator
  8. Only sit in two consecutive parliaments

Please don’t start bleating on about, “You need to pay top wages to attract the best people.” Have you looked at the two front benches lately? Pretty bloody obvious THIS system isn’t attracting the best so time to do something else.

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