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Now We Have An Attack In Algeria: There Have Been Fatalities

And so it goes on…..remember: “Mission Creep”

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Did Mary Portas Get Paid For That Advice?

This is just dreadful. It’s another day and now Blockbusters is in the line of fire. Gideon Osborne? Off-Shore Cameron? Do either of these clowns have any idea what is going on? What was the point of engaging Mary Portas? Well … Continue reading

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Mali Update: French Troops Now Fighting Rebels In Street Battles

The town of Diabaly has seen French troops fighting rebels in the street. Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told the world, “Today, the ground forces are being deployed.” This, as well as Cameron, both need watching. More Information.

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Chris Huhne & Vicky Price – What Is Going On?

Southwark Crown Court was told last October that the postponement to the trail regarding alleged speeding offences was due to legal reasons. They were also told that the trial will resume on 14 January 2013. So what is happening?

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Mali – Latest Update

A spokesperson for the French military operation in Mali confirmed that France is going to double the number of troops deployed in the coming days. It’s happening – “Mission Creep”

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Checked On Some Burgers Hiding At The Back Of The Fridge…

and the’re OFF!!

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Seems That 29% Of A Burger From Tesco Was Horse Meat

What the bloody hell was the rest of it made from????

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