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Chris Huhne and Vicky Price Case MAYBE Underway

Eastleigh News believes the case started at midday but many of us are under the impression there may well be a gagging order applied. We’ll let you know what we are legally able to let you know. Update: By the … Continue reading

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Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance?

Do you know what? For the huge number who are on PAYE there is no difference whatsoever. They can dance about on the head of a pin claiming they are two different things but for the vast majority of people in … Continue reading

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MoD Set To Make 5,300 Army Cuts

Cameron and Hammond are aiming to reduce Army numbers from 102,000 odd to 82,000 odd eventually by 2017. Given the extent we have seen already with regard to- “Mission Creep” it is really quite unbelievable. Off-Shore and The Flaccid Organ couldn’t care less though as … Continue reading

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