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Panorama Monday Night

Well we will let you make your own minds up……but……if you watched Panorama tonight you must have been left with only one thought. That would have to be that the current Government, and that includes those gutless, spineless Lib Dems, … Continue reading

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Southwark Buzz Buzz Buuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Courtroom in buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz. Then they buzz buzz buzz buzz before the buzz buzz buzz. Later buzz buzz buzz buzz until buzz buzz buzz buzz. If we buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz soon. Mid-Day Update: There is a strong rumour going … Continue reading

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The Utter Farce That Is HS2

So the latest instalment of this cobblers has saved a billion pound as now it will only cost £32 bn. That will not be altered of course, much! Hard to work out the time saving as there are a lot … Continue reading

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Citizenship Test: What It Is To Be English!!

We’ve decided that, for once, we would help Cameron with his idea of Citizenship. Now as is usual with Off-Shore he can’t quite get it right but we are prepared to point out just what it is to be quintessentially … Continue reading

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