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Mali – Is It 330 Troops Or Is It 350?

Depends what you watch –

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MPs’ Vote To Feather Their Own Nests – Yet Again

While they were more than happy to vote to cut the military by 5,300 they have just voted to refuse to lower their own money grabbing arses by just 50 seats. That would have saved us £13 Million a year. What … Continue reading

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Africa – 330 British Troops To Head Out There

Yes, we can really, really trust these two because they know all about war. ‘Mission Creeps’

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Elizabeth Truss MP – How Did She Slip Under Our Radar?

Nice that she popped up today, talking out of her backside, to tell us all about Child Care. Obviously she is someone who is very interested in children, the family and all that entails. So when we went looking it was … Continue reading

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Four Things That Are Getting On Our Nerves

We have found a new idiot! Where did they find Elizabeth Truss? Speaking live today you could tell, as she frantically referred to the notes in her hand, she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. She seems … Continue reading

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330 Troops To Be Sent To Mali – Here We Go Again

So Hammond is now going to send 330 of our troops over to Africa. He tells us that this will be in a ‘non-combat’ role. So Hammond believes he has the authority to tell any enemy force that they are … Continue reading

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