Three Issues That Are Really Getting On Our Nerves

Pointing_Finger IconThe first of these is that we are sick and tired of the use of the word ‘issues’. They are not ‘issues’ they are problems! The trouble is if it is a ‘problem’ then something will need to be done about it. If it can be palmed off as an ‘issue’ then they don’t need to get their hands dirty. What a nice little ‘sit on your own arse’ solution to a ‘problem’.

Pointing_Finger IconThe next issue we have is having an isshoe (sic). More and more in the media are talking about an isshoe (sic) and have lost track that, apart from it being a problem, at the very least it is an issue. Not only can they not cope with an aitch, and repeated talk about an hhhhhhaitch, but now they include it in words where it shouldn’t appear! What is happening to the English language?

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