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Chris Huhne: Was It The Texts What Did For Him?

The messages between Chris Huhne and his son Peter that were read out in court today were: PH: “We all know that you were driving and you put pressure on Mum. Accept it or face the consequences. You’ve told me that … Continue reading

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The Secret Of Great Comedy – Timing

Mrs Brown’s Boys and the comment on love and marriage. Brilliant. Tories need to watch this before they vote on Tuesday. The vote needs to be a Recorded one. Rory and Dino Mrs Brown’s Boys

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The Lords: The Most Expensive Private Club In That There London?

We wonder how much it costs all of us Tax-Payers to keep this Private Club open for a few silly old sods to talk a lot of bollox? Certainly packed-out tonight! Don’t suppose you could turn one of those lights … Continue reading

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Chris Huhne: An Example Of How He Struggles With The Truth?

Check him getting stuffed by Paxo! Do remember as you listen to this that his first wife, Vicky Pryce, was born in Athens. What an arrogant, conceited little shite.

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“Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent” – Richard III

The body of Richard III, who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, has been found buried in a Leicester car park . NCP is currently looking for someone to pay the accumulated fine of £253,370.

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“All Change At Eastleigh – Change Here For All ‘Points’ West”

Having had what looks a lot like a year off, on full pay, Chris Huhne has finally pleaded GUILTY to ‘perverting the course of justice’. He is stepping down from Parliament after changing his plea where he faced trial over claims his ex-wife … Continue reading

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