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Huhne Pressured Pryce Into Having An Abortion

This is because another baby would have been ‘bad for his career’, apparently. Now this all leaves us with two very clear thoughts. The first is that Huhne is a really nasty bloke who we would not want to have … Continue reading

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Findus Lasagne Likely To Give You ‘Galloping Trotts’

The Findus ‘Beef’ Lasagne has been found to contain 100% Horsemeat! That would be all of it if we have calculated that correctly. It’s what most sensible people would refer to as a Horse-Lasagne. We spoke to a consumer who told us, “This … Continue reading

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Gollum Gove- “Mmm, Yumm, Yumm, This Humble Pie Is Delicious”

A First Thought

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The Quality Of Fruit And Veg These Days

We can’t be the only ones who have noticed this of late can we? Fresh fruit and veg seems to go ‘off’ almost the moment you get it home! Turn away from a paper bag of mushrooms and they’ve all … Continue reading

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Gove: “I Am Not Humiliated In Any Way”

Gollum Gove has had to climb-down from what he thought was a great idea. What is interesting is to hear the Spin that is being put on this humiliating episode. We are being fed the idea that this is, “A … Continue reading

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