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BBC: “No Advertising On This Channel!”

Well it isn’t if you don’t recognise it. A little bit like the radio days when we had “Our Ken” with Kenneth Horne and Kenneth Williams. If you didn’t understand the homosexual jokes then you didn’t really get it! This has to be … Continue reading

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The Conviction Of Michael Brewer Of Indecent Assault

What we will remember though is the way that poor Frances Andrade was treated by the legal professional for daring to tell the truth. How can any of them now sleep at night? The main figure appears to be Kate … Continue reading

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So What Have These Two Been Doing For The Last Year Or More?

Sod all. That’s about it but now they are running around like blue arse-flies around a horse’s bum. The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Shadow Minister.

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Horsemeat Burgers: All Seems Very Darwinian To Us

Who, in their right mind, would imagine you could really buy a box of 8 burgers for a £1 and that they would then turn-out to be of the highest quality? The packaging and transportation alone must cost more than … Continue reading

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Eastleigh By-Election: Kick Then All Up The Bum

Forget the main parties; we’ve all seen what a load of cak they will talk as they do nothing to help anyone but themselves. Eastleigh is the time to kickback. Now is the time to vote for the National Health Action Party. … Continue reading

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Cameron And His Great EU Victory That Is Really A Defeat

Off-Shore Cameron is loving himself even more than usual this morning as hard as that is to believe. He is so chuffed with himself because after two days of talks, the leaders have agreed on a 908bn euros (£768bn) budget limit for 2014 … Continue reading

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