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ITV Decide Tom Daley Isn’t Up To It And Get A New Presenter

After low viewer ratings ITV have taken the decision they need a new presenter that the viewing public can believe in.

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Urban Foxes: Why Are We Confused?

There are urban foxes all around us. In some places they wander around as and when they want to. Here in Dorset we see loads of them. To be fair, most of them are dead. Before you get carried away … Continue reading

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Are There ANY Journalists Left In The Country????

Every one of them MUST, simply MUST head out to the Vatican. There is no possibility that a few could use the correspondents they have out there already. NO! They simply must fly out there and report on it stood there … Continue reading

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The Field Offers An Apology

Back in January we made a joke at the expense of a contestant on Celebrity Family Fortunes. We would like to apologise because it seems they were not quite as inaccurate as we first thought. Link When asked, “Name a dish … Continue reading

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A Shocking Report On Food In The UK From The Field!

The shock is that people have been buying really cheap processed food and have imagined they are buying meat of the highest quality. How stupid are these people? It really doesn’t take that long to prepare and cook a meal … Continue reading

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Suede At BBC 6Music

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