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Funny The Things That Suddenly Look Very Odd

That Royal Family photo lower down on this page suddenly made us do a double-take. We had never noticed how much taller the boys are than their father Charles. He’s a right short-arse! We noticed this one of James Hewitt … Continue reading

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Maria Miller MP And That Tax Payers Money

While she has been trying to curb the Freedom of Speech for publications like The FordingtonField we were wondering what was going on with regard to that £90,000 from the Tax Payer? Use our Search on the right and just … Continue reading

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Owen Paterson Out Spinning A Load Of Old Horse – ####

Paterson, having done nothing for three years, has finally woken up to the fact that food producers testing themselves is not the best idea in the abattoir. He desperately needs a line to cling onto. “I would like to reassure … Continue reading

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The Bombing Of Dresden 13th Feb 1945

On the night of 13 and 14 February 1945 the RAF bombed the city of Dresden, causing devastating fires which obliterated the historic city centre and killed many thousands of people. Sixty-eight years later these raids remain one of the … Continue reading

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Another High Street Shop Hits Difficult Times

Sadly another name has found life tough on the High Street. Link Only the website at this stage but it cannot be good news. Remind us, what was Mary Portas brought in to do?

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The Royals Get Upset Having Their Picture Taken

They want to live as ‘normal people’. Well they could always abdicate. No, we thought they wouldn’t. Life is far too easy for them for that to happen.

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Gove: “I Am Not An Utter Failure!”

If it helps you to like him though he will give you £65,000. This sounds like a silly story that we’d make up but, dear reader, it’s all true! LINK Gollum Gove seems to have this uncanny ability that when he … Continue reading

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The New Royal Beach Photos – We Have Them NOW!

At great expense The Field has managed to secure the original photographs of Kate on the beach in Australia. The genuine Aussie photographer told us, “I had to sit on the beach for hours to snap this one for the … Continue reading

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“I Don’t See Any Problem With People Working For Nothing”

“Let’s Be Honest, They Won’t Be OUR Kids!!”

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