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The Genius Of Invention – How Much Do We Loath This?

Absolutely loads! We really do find this the most patronising bunch of clap-trap the BBC, sponsored by Apple Computers (more of that later. ff), have broadcast for quite some time. It is difficult to know where to start so we’ll just pick … Continue reading

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Adenoid Ed – What Is He Going On About?

Bit of preparation would help. Where do you put your notes? What was that, “A fork in the” what?

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IDS And His Financial Cleansing Of Camden

The vile Ian and Duncan Smith have now started the Financial Cleansing in parts of the country he doesn’t want poor people to live in. We can only imagine that following behind them will be a load of his mates … Continue reading

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Mervyn King – What Has He Ever Done For Us?

Let’s be honest, what has he done for any of us? Sure, he writes a letter every month to tell us what we already know. He has it as a template now; “Sorry, I cocked-up with the inflation rate yet again. … Continue reading

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Well It Doesn’t Look Like He Has A….

(You are NOT putting that! No, no-way. Forget it, it’s not big and it’s not clever. Just drop it, it’s not happening and that’s an end to it. Just because they will have thought it doesn’t alter the fact you … Continue reading

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The Genius Of Invention: BBC Tosh

We have a very simple question we would like to ask those running the BBC. Why do you take intelligent people and then get them to imagine they are presenting to a bunch of 5 year-olds? Pitiful over-acting, exaggerated gestures and … Continue reading

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