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British & Irish Troops Deployed To Mali

And so it all goes on while Off-Shore runs off to India and ‘The Flaccid Organ’ Hammond is no-where to be seen. LINK “Mission Creeps”

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Horsemeat: Nothing To Do Me! It’s THEM!

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Just Seen The Cocky Boss Of ‘Iceland’ On The Telly

WE won’t be ‘going to Iceland’ any time in the future. What a cocky, self-satisfied, little git. What on earth did he imagine that performance would achieve? Idiot! Paterson exposed as not really having a bloody clue.

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Arsene Wenger – “Who Are YOU Looking At??”

Did you spill my pint? Do you want some? Who are YOU looking at?” Journalists ask some dumb-arse questions and then get upset.  

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Cameron Promotes UK Supermarkets In India

” ..And I Can Recommend The Beef Madras Sold In Our Supermarkets!”

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Cameron Finds A Home For All That Processed Horsemeat

Here at The Field we are in possession of a leaked document sent by Off-Shore Cameron to Owen Paterson regarding the Horsemeat Scandle. Off-Shore is confident he can help the Supermarkets to move stable loads of this product. Paterson has … Continue reading

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The BBC Sounds Good Today

Let’s hope they keep it up. Here is a nice little plug from the BBC for their secret sponsors Apple aimed specifically at impressionable children. A wonderful piece of advertising on the BBC, yet again, that tries to make out it ‘doesn’t have any adverts’. Sure. … Continue reading

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