Hilary Mantel And The Key Part She Left Out

No regular reader is going to be surprised that we liked the piece from Hilary Mantel.  Sycophants tend to struggle with the truth so it wasn’t a shock that the likes of Pointless Clogger Clegg, Off-Shore and Adenoid wanted to defend her. We have a greater worry though.

We find something very odd about a woman who is desperate to continue to appear in the media like she is still 14 years old. We also struggle with all the media adulation of a married woman who wants to look 14 years old. Even more of a worry is the joy that we are all supposed to share, as directed by the media, when a woman who looks like a 14 year old is pregnant.

We feel sure that it says something about our society and the fact that she allows this manipulation says a lot about her. LINK

Middleton Aged 14 - maybe

Middleton Aged 14 – maybe

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