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Iain And Duncan Smith Avoid The Uncomfortable Truth

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people unemployed fell by 14,000 to 2.5 million between October and December 2012. The twins think that this can only be a good thing but then we do know he is a … Continue reading

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Vicky Pryce: It All Starts Again On Monday

Seems they couldn’t decide so it’s ‘Do Not Pass GO’ but also ‘Do Not Go To Gaol’. All turn up on Monday and bring a cushion. Update: Interesting comments from the judge Mr Justice Sweeney who was pretty staggered by … Continue reading

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Dorchester, Dorset In Danger Of Losing Came View

Use the LINK to find out what West Dorset District Council is trying to destroy.

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Vicky Pryce – And STILL We Wait!

The judge is now prepared to accept a majority verdict. It cannot be too long now.

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Three Things That Are Bothering Us

We can’t think why but for some reason our minds are taken back to the OJ Simpson trail and all that went on in the media around that case. There was a point in time in that case when it … Continue reading

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