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Gideon Osborne: An Utter Failure As Credit Rating Is Downgraded

Tory Toss Pot Gideon Osborne has to eat some stone cold humble pie tonight as a credit rating agency downgrades the UK from AAA to AA1. We are pretty sure Gideon had as one of the tests of his own success … Continue reading

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Chris Rennard: Sexual Impropriety Allegations & Clegg Leaps Into Action

Of course Clogger didn’t do anything of the sort. Lot’s of lines quoted from Lib Dem party documents but they all sounded pretty hollow. Follow C4 for the full details while Creepy Rennard tries to hide his plastic mac. The only surprise … Continue reading

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The Pollard Review: Typical BBC Whitewash

The Pollard Review has been released today and it tells us absolutely bugger all. Not one member of the BBC Elite has been sacked or disciplined over the Sa-vile fiasco and subsequent cover-up. The Review Even though that waster Patton … Continue reading

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Is This A Defence Or A Fabrication? Who Knows?

The gist of it seems to be: “Yes it was me but I thought I was shooting somebody else.” We can’t help thinking just about anybody who has killed someone could use this as a defence – maybe it’s true and … Continue reading

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