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‘Let The Poor Eat Horsemeat’, Says A Government Minister!

It’s alright! It was German government minister Dirk Niebel not one of ours. Well, at least, not YET! LINK

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Tesco And A Horse DNA Scare

Taking no chances these days!

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Ukip MEP Defects To The Tories

The reason she has given is: “Ukip has good people in it….., unfortunately, their party leader treats any views other than his own with contempt.” So this silly cow joins Cameron, Osborne, May and Gove. She has got to be an idiot.

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What Did Cameron & Osborne Say About Our Credit Rating?

The Tory manifesto of 2010 came out with a right load of old cobblers: The bedrock of this new economic model will be the stability and low interest rates that come from a credible plan to reduce our record budget deficit, … Continue reading

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