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Calamity ‘Clogger’ Clegg Comes Completely Clean

In a statement this evening, Clogger said he did not know about the allegations, but admitted that his office was aware of “indirect and non-specific” concerns about Rennard’s conduct. “I am angry and outraged at the suggestion that I would … Continue reading

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Oliver Letwin Now The Half-Term Holiday Is Over

Now his holiday, sorry recess (what a load of cobblers. ff), is over we have to ask, “Where the #### was he?” West Dorset County  Council is attempting to destroy Came View so you would have thought that Letwin might have at … Continue reading

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Government Special Advisers – “Spads”

Keep your eyes open for a follow-up to this as there does appear to be a lot of smoke here for dear old Clogger. Rumour has it he might have 15 of them! Keep it to yourself for now. The Fib-Dem … Continue reading

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So The Money Came From Slavery – ‘Nice’

All of this will become available on Wednesday but for now The Independent has a taster. Check-out how many times the name Cameron appears. This is about money given to the slave owners to compensate them for the loss of … Continue reading

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The Tories Announce A New Album Release

The eagerly awaited new album from the Sad Four:

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Clegg: “I Didn’t Know Anything About Rennard!”

Given the personal thanks that Clogger gave to Rennard at the Party Conference the idea that rumours about his conduct would not be passed on to him stretches credibility a little too far. Made up to a Lord and given credit … Continue reading

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