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Just In Case You Should Forget What A Smug Git He Is

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Osborne ‘Makes It Perfectly Clear’ What A Smug Git He Is

Gideon Osborne must rate as one of the most odious individuals in the house of Commoners and, let’s be fair, he is up against some pretty stiff opposition. This afternoon he attempted to re-write history, claim none of it was to do … Continue reading

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Race To Get Sir Ranulph Fiennes Evacuated Back Home

Sir Ranulph has severe frostbite and needs to be airlifted home before the winter closes in for months on end. We wish him well and that the rescue goes according to plan. More news as we get it.  

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Vicky Pryce: We Offer The Jury A Helping Hand

Given the problems the last jury had we thought we ought to point out the main gist of the trial. We did offer this to the last bunch but, clearly they didn’t bother reading our helpful guide to conviction or … Continue reading

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Ikea Improve Their Stable Range Of Furniture

Ikea have just brought out a new range of self-assembly Horse Stables. We think it’s a very handy addition to their outdoor range. Trot on!

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Time To Trot Along To Ikea

” I tell you, it definitely smelt of horses in there.”

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Maybe, Just Maybe, Clegg Has Revealed More Than He Intended

With the comments from Clogger about indirect and non-specific concerns the way he dealt with it at the time might just tell all of us a great deal about the man. To deal with the ‘concerns’ he sent along his … Continue reading

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The Future Of Cooking On The Telly – Please, NOOO!

Bitchin’ Kitchen You may have just heard it here first. This a ‘wacky’ Bitchin’ cookery show from, where else, Canada! They cook lots of Bitchin’ Canadian (?) style dishes – yes, it is that bad, except this show isn’t Bitchin’ real. It’s a … Continue reading

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