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Tesco Boss Forced To Eat ‘Horseburger’ Backlash

The boss of the biggest supermarket, Clarke, had to front-up to the NUF today and admit that he had got things wrong when it came to dealing with our farmers. Now is the time for a major change even though it … Continue reading

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An American Reporter Totally Out Of Her Depth

Mo Farah is a name known all around the world…….except it seems in America. Just how dumb is this woman? Didn’t she think, at the very least, to put his name in a Search Engine? Apparently not…..staggering! Just how insular … Continue reading

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Tory Teammate Tells The Truth – Version 3.1

Clogger Clegg has now decided that Rennard didn’t step down solely due to ill health but that ‘these things were in the background’. Make your bloody mind up Clogger because it is starting to look like you might be a bit … Continue reading

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West Coast Main Line Farce Cost Us At Least £50 Million!

A “complete lack of common sense” in the Department for Transport’s handling of  the West Coast Main Line franchise deal will cost taxpayers “£50m at the very  least”, MPs have said. This was the utter cockup that Justine Greening lorded … Continue reading

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