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Benefit Reductions For Spare Rooms (Under Occupancy)

From April 2013, the Government is proposing to reduce the amount of Housing Benefit paid to working age tenants who have spare bedrooms in their homes. This will apply to all council and housing association tenants. If you already live … Continue reading

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Full House At The Commons – As IF!!!!

All working so very hard today. Barely a dozen sat in there this afternoon. They will probably make out they have all gone to Eastleigh – as bloody if!!

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Bullindon ‘Bovver’ Boys Bully Britain

Never forget what a bunch of ‘Hoo-Ray Henries’ this bunch are and the contempt they have for the rest of us who they just love to lord it over. (Many thanks to whoever created this graphic as this one is … Continue reading

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RBS Announce Pre-Tax Loss Of £5.2 Bn

Despite this huge loss, RBS has paid out £679m in bonuses, some £287m of which is to its investment bankers. That’s a total loss of nearly £35Bn since 2008. We own 81% of this bank so if there are bonuses to be … Continue reading

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