“Delusional” Says William Hague

Bill Vague says it like it is,

“So I think this will go down as one of the most delusional interviews that any national leader has given in modern times.”

Off-Shore Cameron answers the critics in his own party by declaring that he will not “lurch to the Right” and will battle to keep the Conservatives on the “common ground” of politics.

“The battle for Britain’s future will not be won in lurching to the Right, nor by some cynical attempt to calculate the middle distance between your political opponents and then planting yourself somewhere between them,” writes the Tory Posh Boy.

“We are the only party simultaneously asserting Britain’s interests in Europe and seriously investing in a better education for poorer children.”

Frighteningly delusional, Bill Vague was spot on!

"What Am I Going On About???"

“What Am I Going On About???”

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