Voting For PCs and PMs

How come the PCs need to cross a threshold when they vote while an MP can be elected on less than 17% such as at Eastleigh?

The Police Federation has failed to secure a clear mandate to campaign for the right to take industrial action, including going on strike.

The result of its ballot shows that only 45,651 – or one-third – of the 133,108 police officers in England and Wales eligible to vote wanted to see the Police Federation campaigning for the right to take industrial action.

A total of 56,333 officers took part in the ballot – a turnout of only 42% – with 10,681 officers voting not to seek the right to strike.

Those eligible to vote number 133,108 so the percentage in favour of a strike is 34.30% way above the 16.89% that the Fib Dem got elected in Eastleigh with.

How the hell does that work?

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