Odd Clash On BBC At 10 O’clock

The BBC does have a very strange idea of what is ‘funny’. The first offering at 10 o’clock is the truly dreadful ‘Heading Out’. This is really just a very poor quality My Family – yes it is that bad. The only real noticeable difference is that while he was a dentist she is a vet. Oh, how nicely educated for another awful BBC comedy. Seems Perkins, yes her yet again, believes nobody will have realised she is gay so feels the need to ‘come-out’.

Might have been true in the 80’s but this seems a bit unlikely to us. Having lived for many years in both Oxford and Brighton it always made us laugh when some bloke announced he was ‘coming out’. Did they seriously imagine that we didn’t already know? Sorry boys, the only person you were coming out to was yourself.

Then on BBC3 at 10 o’clock they are starting a new series called ‘Bluestone 42’. The hilarious backdrop to this comedy/drama (looks like someone has misgivings already. ff) is that it is about a British bomb-disposal unit in Afghanistan. We are sure all our military and their families will find this idea just sidesplitting!

All we can do is remember Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid along with others in the bomb disposal units and we don’t think we will find Bluestone 42 funny.

Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid double

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