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Jeremy Isa Hunt Talks Utter Crap As Usual

Hunt asked NHS workers, “but do we do enough to challenge mediocrity?” This is from a pointless MP. A politician who is as useful as a fart in a spacesuit. If Isa Hunt and his band of half-wits like Off-Shore, Gideon, … Continue reading

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Cameron Doesn’t Have A Bloody Clue – Shapps Explains All

So not only did he get his speech about economic growth all cocked-up now he has had to be told, by of all people Grant Shapps, that he was talking utter cobblers when talking about the exemptions to the Bedroom Tax. … Continue reading

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Robert Chote Tells Cameron To Stop Telling Porkies

Off-Shore Cameron made a big fuss yesterday about the fact that he was sticking to his ‘Plan A’ (a plan? He has a plan? He is kidding isn’t he? ff). He then tried to say that everyone agreed with him. … Continue reading

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Eurovision Song ‘Holding Out For A Zero’!

Nil Pois

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