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Cameron And That Old ‘Back Of A Fag Packet’ Ideas Folder

So Off-Shore has had two set-backs in rapid succession: He has cocked-up on the Pay-Per-Unit for beer and wine Link He is suddenly not so sure about The Bedroom Tax Link We have to ask: Does this bloke have any idea … Continue reading

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Osmington White Horse Gets A Parking Spot

A new viewing point to make a Dorset landmark more visible is to be opened very soon. A parking site off the A353 will give a view of the White Horse at Osmington. It was carved into the hillside 200 years … Continue reading

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Autonomy – Remember We Told You This Was One To Watch?

The Serious Fraud Squad is getting involved in this now. Here is the current LINK. Here are two articles we published looking at Autonomy, Hewlett Packard, and a friend of Off-Shore Cameron before last Christmas. Link 1 – Link 2

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Cameron In A Desperate Attempt To Gain Popularity

Off-Shore Cameron is conscious of his dip in popularity in both the country, but more importantly, also amongst his back-benchers. This has meant he has made a bid to launch a new career on TV. So tonight you will be … Continue reading

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The Fib-Dems Accuse Labour Of Opportunism

Business secretary Vince Cable-Knit said he and Deputy PM (oh that’s what he does! ff) Nick ‘Clogger’ Clegg both strongly supported a Mansion Tax, but he expected his party’s MPs to vote against the proposal, accusing Labour of “playing cynical party political games.” … Continue reading

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