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The New Pope Gets Right In There From Day One

An Argentine cardinal who claims that the Falkland Islands were “usurped” by  Britain was elected Pope last night in a surprise decision that gives the Roman Catholic Church its first head from the New World. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop … Continue reading

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UK Media Reporters: “We Are Utterly Gutted!”

The army of UK media reporters were said to be crying into their suitcases as the New Pope was announced today. Most had booked into their hotel rooms for the weekend in the hope that the cardinals would not be … Continue reading

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Tesco Invest In Giraffe – ‘They’ve Got Some Neck On Them!’

Tesco has moved on from Horseburgers and have now bought up loads of Giraffe. A Tesco spokesperson told us, “We are trying to reach a new consumer. We realise this will be a stretch for our current suppliers but we … Continue reading

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Cameron Organises Cabinet Meeting In A Local Brewery

“Get that down your neck!” The ‘thing’ about comedy Davey-Boy – it’s all about timing. We’d like to say, “Stick to the day job Dave” but you’re crap at that as well!

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Graham Parker And The Rumour On BBC4 THIS Friday 10 O’clock

Not to be missed. One of the greatest, yet underappreciated, singer/songwriters to come out of the mid-1970’s. If you have never heard his work then we suggest starting with “Heat Treatment” which is the perfect album. His latest is “Three Chords Good”. … Continue reading

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Carina Trimingham Gets Chris Huhne To Take Parking Fine

Carina is hoping that Chris Huhne will accept the Parking Fine Ticket she was charged with on her first visit to see her ‘Gaol-Bird’ lover. Thinking that she was important enough to park anywhere she liked she chose to pull … Continue reading

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