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256,000 Extra School Places Needed In England In 2014

Gollum Gove has not even repaired the schools we have at the moment – where on earth are this lot going to go?

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Cameron – “I Tried My Best Rupert, Honest I Did Rebekah.”

Cameron and his approach to Leveson seems pretty strange unless it’s just part of a crappy plan he has cooked up. We reckon he is concerned as to whether he will get a Christmas Dinner invite so has called for a … Continue reading

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The HS2 Total ‘Con’ Trick – Another Déjà Vu Report

Seems they managed to find a judge who would say that 9 out of the 10 of their points were absolutely fine. We guess that’s his future sorted. It’s all been said before and so we have collected them together here: Link … Continue reading

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Eric Joyce Gets Stuck In………..Yet AGAIN!

Reporting on Eric Joyce MP is getting pretty tedious.  He’s fighting again after drinking in the cheap bars all over the House-of-Common-as-Muck. He has been detained by the police. Difficult to feel anything other than contempt for the bloke if we are … Continue reading

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