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Cameron Really Is The Two Faced Git We Thought He Was

FREE PRESS – If you are right up the butt of the press-barons! Do YOU have access to the Press? Of course you don’t! Utter Bollox!!!

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A Real Hero – James Ashworth VC

The actions of a soldier posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) have been described as “supremely courageous and inspiring”. L/Corp James Ashworth, 23, from Corby, Northamptonshire, died under enemy fire as he tried to eliminate an insurgent position in Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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The BBC Get A New Newsroom – Well That’ll Make It Better!!!

Same old dumb-arse faces though but at least we have paid for them to have a nice new building to work in. The BBC News will now be sooooo much better!

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Osborne – “Mmm, Deposits? That’s A New One!”

Gideon Osborne suddenly has a new idea for his failing Budget Plans.

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Talking Of Spin: Tory Bliar Spins Over Iraq

Sounds like there will be some spin applied by the contributors to Panorama tonight. It appears that the BBC gets told that Tory Bliar was ‘misled’. Sounds a lot of cobblers and one or other of these options apply. If … Continue reading

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Teachers In England & Wales To Strike

You are going to hear a lot of Gove-Spin about how many Teachers were involved in the Strike Vote. Remember these facts about the election of an MP who can now vote on everything that comes up in the House … Continue reading

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