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Budget 2013: Let’s Save A Fortune Right Now!

Sack 650 utterly useless MPs on Friday. No bloody use to man or beast! What a bunch!

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Budget 2013: First Analysis- “All In This Together”

What a load of cobblers! Chart 2.C destroys this myth. Yes, the richest (-4.3% ish) in society have taken the biggest hit but then so they should. They are just about to get a tax break of £100,000! The next to take … Continue reading

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Osborne And His 2013 Budget

Blah – Blah -Blah – Blah -Blah – Blah -Blah – Blah -Blah – Blah -Blah – Blah -Blah But he can still fund a Tax Break of £100,000 for those who earn the most. (Like Dave and ME!!! Allegedly. ff)

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The FA Have Decided This Tackle Is Was Perfectly OK

Callum McManaman attempts an alternate amputation approach: (30 sec mark) No action will be taken over this horror tackle. Nani got sent off for what little he did. Funny old game.

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