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Boris Johnson Shown Up On A Sunday Morning Sofa

Full of himself Johnson thought he would have an easy ride on Sunday morning telly. After this shafting he will not make that mistake again!! Full LINK. Shortened LINK

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The BBC Find An Outstanding Actress!!

Lacey Turner showed what an incredibly versatile actress she is by playing the part of Molly tonight, in Our Girl, that was totally removed, by a million miles, from her part as Stacey in Eastenders. Yeah, right! “I fink, I fort, fis … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Love It When A German Shows Their True Colours

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel shows the rest of the world just what it is to be German. Although his teammate had been in a position to win the race the German decided not to ‘obey orders!’ (that’s cheap. ff) He risked … Continue reading

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