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Are They The Very Nastiest Of The NASTY PARTY?????

Are Iain and Duncan Smith the Nastiest pair of soulless, heartless gits the NASTY PARTY have to offer? Well you are really going to have to look very, very hard to find any worse. About them: LINK  What they are doing: LINK

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Sue Perkins Is Just Amazing!!!

She has now managed to string out a 1980’s ‘joke’ for 2 and a half HOURS!!! That really does take some doing! Amazing stamina BBC and why the bloody hell did you bother??

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David Miliband To Leave For America!

Dave is leaving Adenoid-Ed to fend for himself as he jets off to America to work for a charity. Wouldn’t you if YOU had been stabbed in the back??? “Et tu, Brute?“

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Compassion At The Heart Of Iain And Duncan Smith?

The simplicity and naivety of the Bedroom Tax is really quite staggering. The sheer lack of intellectual rigour applied to this poorly thought out scheme really does leave us breathless. This plan makes Off-Shore Cameron, with his back-of-a-fag-packet planning, look … Continue reading

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Oh Clegg! Another Fib Dem MP Might Need Looking Into

Seems Portsmouth City Council are not over keen on Mike Hancock MP at the moment. Watch this space! UPDATE: Latest LINK

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Politicians Looked In The Mirror Occasionally

The latest one to come out with an utter load a tosh without batting an eyelid is our old favourite Jeremy Isa Hunt. Speaking ahead of his announcement to Parliament, Health Secretary Isa Hunt said encouraging compassionate care needed to be … Continue reading

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