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Duncan & Iain Smith – Two Of The Nastiest Tories Around

Two of the most vile men we have seen in politics for quite some time. Selfish, soulless and without any concern for anybody other than themselves. Those who voted for them need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and … Continue reading

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Are We Being Made A Monkey Out Of In Dorchester?

Now the chimps are just taking the rise! LINK Update – Sorry the Echo has removed the link to its page. A woman had claimed that she had seen a monkey wandering around Salisbury Fields. Up-Update – seems this LINK … Continue reading

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Another Monkey Spotted In The Centre Of Dorchester

Locals DEMAND Action

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When Was The Rule About Eating On TV Introduced?

Does anybody know at which meeting this rule was passed? Who was present and who was allowed to vote? The rule seems to consist of two clauses: The moment the food is in your mouth you start talking You MUST … Continue reading

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The BBC Is Not As Good As It Was Yesterday

The output was so much better yesterday so it seems a shame that they are not able to maintain those high standards on a regular basis. Still, when did the BBC ever worry about the wishes of its audience? Never, … Continue reading

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Please Remember Reeva Steenkamp Was Shot Dead

Reeva Steenkamp seems to be forgotten in all of this. All we are hearing is, “Innocent until proven guilty”, but we all know that he shot her. No warning, no nothing. LINK Why would any court think it was alright for the … Continue reading

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The New Head Of MI5

We are delighted to publish one of the first pictures of the new head of operations.

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