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So Could YOU Live On £53 A Week???

Iain and Duncan Smith have said that they could if they had to. Really??? It really doesn’t matter if £53 is the true figure or not. The fact is it was the one that was given and it was the … Continue reading

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Interesting Reaction: ‘Oscar Pistorius Charged With Premeditated Murder’

LINK Read the LINK above and this might make a bit more sense. Yes, here at The Field we dared to suggest that while a PR Team were swinging into action the murder of a young woman,  Reeva Steenkamp, should not be forgotten. It seems … Continue reading

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Leeds General To Resume Children’s Heart Surgery

Starts to look like those figures that were suddenly produced really are a bit dodgy. LINK 1 So which PR team was getting involved there? At this point we can only guess. LINK 2

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What A Way To Treat A Hero Like Danny Nightingale

Trained as an SAS Sniper all the Army want to do now is  to get him to appear at a preparatory hearing at the Military Court Centre in Bulford, Wiltshire, on May 1. What is happening to this country? LINK … Continue reading

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Operation Yewtree Arrest: Do We Know Who It Is Yet?

Still waiting to hear. LINK

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“We Are On The Side Of The British People,” Says……

The Multi-Millionaire, Gideon Osborne, who has never had a proper job in his life. LINK He did briefly work, for a whole week, at Selfridges but could only be trusted to re-fold towels in the Home Dept. Gideon is now telling everyone about … Continue reading

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