Interesting Reaction: ‘Oscar Pistorius Charged With Premeditated Murder’


Read the LINK above and this might make a bit more sense.

Yes, here at The Field we dared to suggest that while a PR Team were swinging into action the murder of a young woman,  Reeva Steenkamp, should not be forgotten. It seems this expression of free speech, something we still have in this country, upset a group of Pistorius supporters so they made contact with us.

It was suggested that ‘other women have been killed’ and why didn’t we go on about them while totally missing the point that their killers do not have a PR machine behind them. Chances are it was OJ Simpson who was the last to have that privilege.

It was also noted that our office is in Dorset. Brilliant! The Logo and the name, The FordingtonField, might have been the obvious give away but at least it was spotted. Seems the only thing we have to worry about around here are ‘Bulls’. We kid you not, ‘Bulls’. If you know what the hell ‘Bulls’ have to do with anything then your guess is much better than ours!

Now it was claimed there was a monkey in the park in Dorchester last week but Bulls? Clearly there was that Summer of 1994 when Bulls were roaming wild all over Dorset but apart from that we do seem to have them under control. For the moment.

Who can remember The Stepford Wives?

It would appear that this group of Pistorius supporters are happy to deny the facts that have been conceded already. He did fire the gun and Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead.

Think of our poor old Dave tonight – he’s on Twitter watch tonight!!!!!

Shot Dead

Shot Dead

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