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Shocking News: Hollywood Song Kidnapped For Political Purposes

The wonderful song, from The Wizard of Oz, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” has been hijacked by those who oppose the Nasty Party to use as an insult to the ex-leader whose own party eventually rejected her and forced her to resign. … Continue reading

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Pink Still Making Her Way Up The UK Chart

Can she make number 1? Only 3 days to go now!

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What Is In OUR Rice?- Here We Go Again

Not so long ago, last September, we told you about Arsenic in rice. LINK Now there are problems with Lead in the rice imported to America. LINK Is ANYTHING safe to eat?

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The Tory Party And The North – South Divide

“And the thing is Dave, they STILL believe we are all in this together!!!” LINK

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