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Golf – What A Very Funny Game

So a 14-year-old, along with many other golfers, takes a little longer in a high pressure tournament over a shot but only the 14-year-old is penalised. That’s a bit odd and makes us all think ‘soft target’. A long-established player breaks the rules … Continue reading

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Get Ready For Wednesday As Stocks Are Bound To Run Low!

Don’t miss out as you get ready for Wednesday as there is no doubt, given what we have been fed so far, the Revisionists will be out in force. Protect your TV while you still can.

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Bedroom Tax Story Today That May Not Make It On To The News

While the media has been busying itself with a prolonged party-political broadcast the world has run as normal. The impact of the Welfare Changes has not been forgotten and the appalling A-Tosser are still telling disabled individuals to ‘Get To … Continue reading

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Funny When Life Eventually Imitates Art

Sir Humphrey: “Well, we can always try to persuade them [the BBC] to withdraw programs voluntarily, once they realize that transmission is not in the public interest.” Jim Hacker: “Well, it is not in my interest. And I represent the … Continue reading

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