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Minimum Wage To Rise To £6.31 An Hour

That is just 12p an hour. In a 40-hour-week that is just £4.80 – Osborne,- “Good grief! You couldn’t even get a decent half-bottle of claret for that!!” Do remember that this is for people who ARE IN WORK. This … Continue reading

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Shocking News From Boston

The Boston Marathon took place today and it appears that two bombs exploded within 20-30 secs of each other near the finish. You will need to do your own search at this stage as there is just too much information coming in … Continue reading

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Tories Make Time Stand Still

All part of the Nasty Party process of turning this country back to 1980. Heaven Help Us All!!

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The BBC Reveal Their New Logo Under Director-General Tony Hall

Not surprised they changed it given the week of ‘news’ they just served up.

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Justin Bieber Shows Just How Intelligent He Really Is

A fine example of the excellence of the Canadian Educational System. LINK

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